Projects that keep me busy

Drawing stuff

  • Welt aus Quark — My mind put into drawings & everyday moment comic strips
  • — Illustrated puns about czars (a kind of art in German)

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Open Source Software

  • — Finding co-maintainers for your open source software project.
  • mjml_nif — Elixir NIF bindings for the MJML Rust implementation (mrml).
  • weka-jruby — Machine Learning & Data Mining with JRuby
  • Daigaku 大学 — A CLI and text-based interface for learning Ruby
  • quick_store — Simple local key-value store based on YAML::Store
  • code_breaker — Breaking a Ruby code snippet into types and methods
  • asdfg — Installing global asdf packages from a YAML config
For more contributions to open source software, see my Github profile.